THE LANDERS GROUP is the exclusive North American representative of Theegarten-Pactec of Dresden, Germany. This  company is recognized worldwide as a leader in their field.

Theegarten-Pactec manufactures high speed, continuous motion wrapping machines for cut and wrap, fold wrap, bunch wrap, twist wrap and flow wrap applications, to name a few. Dedicated wrappers and wrappers that can be changed over quickly in order to run different pack styles are available.

TP also offers single and multi leg feed and distribution systems with buffer storage including fan type and gondola units. Theegarten-Pactec’s team of engineers are extremely versatile in designing a packaging system that can suit a wide range of customer requirements.

In addition to selling these companies range of machinery, the Landers Group also supplies spare parts to their customer base.

The Landers Group has been selling sophisticated, high quality processing and packaging equipment throughout North America since 1982. Our key focus has always been developing and maintaining strong personal relationships with all existing and potential customers. Customer service is of paramount importance in our industry and we take great pride in solidly supporting our clients.


The Landers Group is a member of PMCA and NCA